Common Buying Questions

It’s very simple, you want to sit down and discuss your needs and wants with your Realtor. Then You meet with a lender to get your terms and conditions so you know what you what you qualify for.
That depends, of course on your income and other financial obligations. You want to first meet with a lender to get pre-approved for a home loan.
Yes, you can. Just keep in mind if you sell before you buy you might need to rent a while before finding a new home, but there are ways to do both at the same time.You must instate “sale contingency” in your contract. This means you only agree to buy a home if you sell the one your currently in.
It’s totally up to you! However you don’t want to wear yourself out, so you have to be very strategic about the process. While home shoppers these days are online ahead of time looking at hundreds of home before previewing about an average of 10 homes before they put in an offer. Some people find their home within hours of hunting. For others it takes months of searching.
There really is no crystal ball on weather a certain home is a bargain and will appreciate the home. Every buyer see’s the property from a different perspective, but rest assure that with research, you will keep surprises to a minimum. The best way is to check out the comps-what similar properties are selling for in the area. Keep in mind a property is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay.
If you are purchasing a property by obtain a home loan, typically escrow periods are 30 to 45 days. On the other hand if your purchasing with cash escrow can close in 7 days.
Yes, Yes, and Yes! Your home is a huge investment, so it’s best to make sure the property is in good condition. A home inspector takes a look into the condition of the roof, electricity, heating, air, and plumbing. Ensuring these things work properly will prevent you from paying to have these things fixed in the future and help to avoid additional cost or give you the ability to negotiate with the seller before signing closing the transaction.

Frequently asked questions from the home seller

This is a frequently asked questions that just cannot be answered with a general or simple answer. The real estate market is always changing and will differ from communities. Some sellers believe spring market is the best time to sell as they are approaching a new school year.
Every home seller’s situation is different, you should discuss it with your realtor. In some cases selling a home during the fall and winter months may be better than waiting until spring. This is due to to a combination of factors, but the top one is; low competition.
This is one of the top questions from the seller before listing their home for sale which is related to the local real estate market. There are many indicators that a realtor should share with you to help explain the conditions. pLease keep i mind that the Realtor does not make the market, they simply work within the conditions. One of the most important indicator on market conditions is the average days on the market. the average days on the market can indicate to a seller how quickly homes are selling when listed.
Many sellers have extreme anxiety over the thought of having to clear out and fix up their home, so much so that it can prevent them from putting the place on the market in the first place.
When selling your home you must make sure the home is thoroughly clean and eliminate any bad odors the home make have, no one likes to walk into a dirty smelly home. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so let’s do it right.

Take down any family photos or personal items around the home, you want the buyers to visualize themselves in the home, It best to clear out any clutter.
It is best to disclose any and all know facts about the property, this will help avoid any issues or/and lawsuits in the future.
The exact price of your own home will depend on its size, neighborhood, and lots of other factors. Look at the prices of similarly sized homes that have recently sold in your area—data that agents call comparative market analysis, or “comps. This will help you when it’s time to set a list price.
There are many homes that could be sold for significantly more than an assessed value and others that maybe sold for significantly less. The assessed value of a home is used for the purpose of taxes in your local municipality. The assessed value of a home is multiplied by the local tax rate to determine what your yearly taxes are. The assessed value has no impact on how much your home is worth to a potential buyer in the marketplace.
The list price is the price listed when the property is placed on the marketThe seller would like there home to sell at that price. The sale price is the actual price the home was sold for. I have seen homes sell for more than the list price and less than the list price.

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